Sergii Chernov, the Head of the Kharkiv Regional Council, has made an emphasis on the statement mentioned above, when reporting about work results before local community of the region during the plenary meeting of the XVIIIth session of the Regional Council.
Within the framework of the traditional “Dytiatko” TV marathon on OTB Channel, Segrii Chernov, Kharkiv Regional Council Head, the Head of “Dytiatko” International Children TV Festival Organizational Committee, shared details of preparations to the upcoming Festival.
Today within the framework of the “Dytiatko” TV marathon on OTB Channel, Segii Chernov, the Head of Kharkiv Regional Council, and Volodymyr Polozkov, a member of “Dytiatko” Children Television Festival Organizational Committee, awarded the winners of “This is What My Dad is Like” competition with diplomas and prizes.
The Head of Kharkiv Regional Council Sergii Chernov participated in the meeting of the Regional Council Regular Commission on Agriculture and Environmental Issues and reported before the deputies about his work results as well as deputy corps` and executive institutions` of the Regional Council achievements.
The Head of Kharkiv Regional Council Sergii Chernov and Yevgen Savin, Deputy Head of the Regional State Administration, held a solemn awarding ceremony today for the winners of the VI O. S. Maselskyi Region Competition of the best literary works and also awarded talented young people of Slobozhanshina.  
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