That was the point made by Sergii Chernov, Chair of Kharkiv Regional Council and Chair of the Ukrainian Association of District and Regional Councils during his report of the visit to the Kingdom of Sweden as a part of the governmental and Parliamentary delegation.
On the eve of the International Museum Day, Deputy Chair of Kharkiv Regional Council Olena Oleshko took part in festivities of the occasion that were held today at Chuguyiv Art Gallery.  
Today, Chair of Kharkiv Regional Council Sergii Chernov and Head of the Regional State Administration Mykhailo Dobkin met with the US delegation headed by Thomas O. Melia, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor at the United States Department of State.  
Today, the meeting of the Contest Committee of the regional competition for mini-projects for the local communities’ development chaired by First Deputy Head of Kharkiv Regional Council Olena Oleshko, that is first for the first time this year at the initiative of the Head of Regional Council Sergei Chernov, was held.
Today, a round table "Cooperation of UNDP in Kharkiv was held." The issues on improving of water supply and water quality in the region was discussed. The meeting was attended by First Vice President - Executive Director of Association of local authorities in Kharkiv region Mykola Titov, chairman of the Standing Committee on Budget of the Regional Council Ludmyla Nemykina, head of the Foreign Economic Relations and International Relations department of Regional State Administration Anatolij Pedeshko, the head of Izyumska state administration Valerij Bilokudrya , Regional Director of UNDP in Ukraine Ricarda Rieger, coordinator of the project "CBA - II» Galina Chala, representatives of the music and modeling industry in Europe and America.
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