This is what the Head of the Regional Council informed the media after voting. “I have taken the decision long ago” he said answering their question. “Just like the most of the Region population, I think. Working atmosphere rules in all election centers, people’s mood is fine. I hope the day will finish as calmly. And we will get the results the whole country expects.”
The Chairman of the Regional Council Sergii Chernov visited today the ambulance station in Mykolo-Komyshuvata, Krasnogradskyi Region, reorganized due to the local community’s participation in the EU and UNDP “Community Based Approach to Local Development -II” project.
The Chairman of the Regional Council Sergii Chernov, the Head of the Regional State Administration Mychailo Dobkin and Igor Shurma, his deputy, visited today the reconstructed principal building of the Regional Hospital for Disabled War Veterans.
The Head of the State examined production facilities of the OJSC “Turboatom” during his regular visit to Kharkov today.
During the solemn opening ceremony of the pre-school department in the Educational Complex No. 6 in Chuguyiv, the Head of Kharkiv Regional Council Sergii Chernov emphasized that in the beginning of the year the deputy corps in cooperation with the Regional State Administration had set themselves with a task: to open a new social and economic development institution in the region every day. 
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