Today the participants of the General Meeting of Authorized Representatives–Members of the Association off Local Self-Government Authorities of Kharkiv Region have supported the Code of Ethic Conduct of Deputies and Officials of Local Self-Government Authorities of Kharkiv Region.
Due to complex of system measures within a scope of realization of Program of economical reforms of president of Ukraine for 2010-2014 «Well-off community, competitive economy, effective state», economy of Kharkov region at first half year 2012 has worked out with revenues. In general, system of state grants has found basis to improvement of situation in the field of animal breeding.
Today in Kharkov planetarium there has been held conference dedicated to 50 year’s anniversary of the first space flight of Ukrainian astronaut Pavel Popovych. At meeting the following people took part: head of Kharkov regional Council Sergii Chernov, councilor of General Director of space agency if Ukraine Eduard Kuznetsov, head of management of Culture and Tourism of Regional State Administration Dmytro Kyznetsov.
Sergii Chernov, the Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council, at press conference held today, told that there would be proposed for consideration of the deputies some changes to the Program of Promotion of Small Business Development in Kharkiv Region in 2011-2015, which key task is microcrediting of small business subjects on reimbursable basis.
Telling about reserve mechanisms in activities of associations of local self-government authorities of our country, Sergii Chernov, the President of the Ukrainian Association of District and Regional Councils, the Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council, paid a special attention to the National Congress of Local Self-Government including Ukrainian Association of District and Regional Councils, Association of Cities of Ukraine and All Ukrainian Association of Village and Settlement Councils.
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