The first stage of preparations for this year's DYTIATKO Festival, which is to take place in Kharkiv at the beginning of September, has been completed. The organizing committee received 1,5 thousand works from 1292 participants from all around the world. The majority of works came from authors from Ukraine, India, Iran, the USA and France.
Sergii Chernov, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council was holding a meeting on the issue of developing rural (green) tourism in communities of Kharkiv region. Liudmyla Nemykina, Chairman of the Standing Commission on budget of the Regional Council, Valeriia Muraieva, Chairman of the Standing Commission on youth policy, sport, culture and tourism, Valentyna Kholodok, Director of Kharkiv Organizational and Methodological Tourist Center, representatives of traveling agencies and scientists who study the local lore took part in the discussion of opportunities and challenges with respect to development of rural tourism.
On the eve of the professional holiday of journalists, the Journalist Day, which is celebrated on June 6, there was a solemn reception by Sergii Chernov, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council at Kharkiv Press-Center. The awards have been presented there to the best representatives of this profession and to the winners of the Regional Contest of Journalistic Works “Success stories of communities”.
During plenary meeting of the XXIV session the deputy composition of Kharkiv Regional Council, the deputies adopted a draft decision “On some issues of accruing and paying rent for the use of common property of territorial communities of villages, towns, cities of the region during quarantine”.
The need to provide additional material incentives for medical workers in Kharkiv region in the context of coronavirus disease COVID-19 was discussed at a plenary session of Kharkiv Regional Council today. Appropriate changes have been made in the Integrated regional program “Health of Slobozhanshchyna for 2019-2020”.
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