During today’s sitting of the Regional Council’s Standing Commission on ecology, emergency situations and overcoming their aftereffects deputies considered draft resolutions planned to be adopted at the session’s plenary meeting. 

In particular, members of the Standing Commission agreed draft resolution of the Regional Council, “On Adoption of Comprehensive Water Resource Management Program of Kharkiv Region up to 2021”. 

The Program was developed with the aim of raising efficiency of the use of amelioration systems of the Region, restoring the role of ameliorated lands in food and resource provision of the state, improvement of ecology of rural territories and population’s living conditions, avoiding and overcoming of aftereffects of detrimental impact of waters, preservation and renewal of water resources. 

Measures within the framework of the Program will help provide for reconstruction of engineering infrastructure of irrigation systems on 3.55 thousand hectares of territory; taking the area of the use of irrigation systems to 22.3 thousand hectares; providing farms with 330 units of machinery for watering agricultural crops; clearing and regulating stream beds for almost 30 kilometers.

The Program will be financed from the State Budget as well as from other sources not prohibited by law. The planned amount of money is 692.95 million UAH, of which 329.15 million UAH is the money from the State Budget.

As Chairman of the Standing Commission, Olexander Donsky, emphasized, the ecology of our region’s rivers causes concern, and this is why it is necessary to exert maximum effort in order to preserve them.

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