Today, the session of the round table “On the State of Protection of Constitutional Principles of Entrepreneurial Activity in Kharkiv Region” took place in the House of Councils. Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, Sergii Chernov, Head of the Regional State Administration, Mykhailo Dobkin, his deputies, Chairman of the Standing Commission of the Regional Council on human rights, freedom of speech and information, Olexandr Bandurka, Deputy Mayor, Igor Terekhov, executive managers of controlling and law-enforcing bodies, representatives of business associations, and public organizations of entrepreneurs. 

Business development directions were discussed, as well as problems in the way of entrepreneurial activity, and measures aimed at preventing pressure on business, in particular concerning facts of unlawful inspections, violations of the procedure of conducting inspections, duplicating the functions of controlling bodies.

As Deputy Regional Prosecutor, Leonid Lakhtiuk noted, over 300,000 economic entities function in Kharkiv region. In 2012, 58,000 inspections were conducted, half of them unplanned. Cases of corruption actions and bribery have been happening. This year, the Prosecutor’s Office launched 9 cases on violations by state control bodies, 7 of them went to courts. Almost 140 reaction documents were adopted. Last year, 21 appeals were registered by means of the Prosecutor’s Office hotline.    

During the round table, a low level of trust of entrepreneurs towards controlling and law-enforcing bodies was emphasized, so it is necessary to create, at the regional level, first of all, conditions for the ongoing dialog between authorities and entrepreneurs that would allow them to communicate on equal terms. 

Also, the necessity to fight, within the bounds of legal framework, the minimization of salaries at the Region’s enterprises was discussed as such a situation significantly influences the level of local budgets’ revenues. 

Summing up the meeting, the participants in the round table adopted a protocol which, in particular, provides for setting up in the Region of a Center for Legal Assistance for economic entities with the aim of raising the legal knowledge of entrepreneurs and prevention of hampering entrepreneurial activities. 

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