A meeting between district citizens and Kharkiv Region gas extraction specialists took place in Izium Palace of Teenagers and Young People “Zaliznychnyk”, where the specialists presented the new and perspective for the District industrial activity, sandstone gas extraction, answered the questions about possible risks and proved economic efficiency as well as the need for switching to alternative gas extraction technologies. 

Director of “Shebelynkagazvydobuvannia” Gas Industry Administration of “Ukrgazvydobuvannia” State Company of National Joint Stock Company “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, Yuriy Fesenko, PR specialist of the “Shell Exploration and Production Ukraine Investments (IV) B. V” Company, Valentyna Gekova, Director of Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Natural Gases “UkrNDIGaz”, Sergii Kryvulia, Manager of Executive Apparatus of the Regional Council, Sergii Klymenko, Izium State District Administration Chairman, Valeryi Bilokudria, Izium City Head, Oleksandr Bozhkov, were present at the event. 

The present Izium citizens were concerned with the ecologic factor of the gas extraction technology, including water supply sources, recreation and reserves areas, spiritual legacy objects preservation as well as with getting proofs that the country can get enough natural gas for its needs due to this project in future.

Speaking about traditional hydrocarbons resources in Ukraine on the current level, Yuriy Fesenko mentioned that their extraction is only possible within 60 upcoming years. 20 billion m3 of natural gas are extracted annually in Ukraine, 8.6 billion of these are provided by “Shebelynkagazvydobuvannia”. The total demand of the country constitutes 42 billion m3, 15.5 billion of which is consumed by population. Shebelynkivskyi gas area production is currently in its completion stage with 1 trillion m3 of natural gas extracted there. 

Director of the largest gas extraction company of the Left-Bank Ukraine also stressed that gas extraction does not influences quality and quantity of ground waters in any way. This is due to the fact that gas is located in slate levels 3-5.5 km deep underground, and water reservoirs are situated significantly closer to the surface, 800-1500 meters deep.

Answering questions from the public, Valentyna Gekova said that “Shell” Company will strictly follow Ukrainian legislation, which means exploration, development and extraction will not affect recreation areas, architecture sights or objects under law protection. 

Rejecting provocative accusations of possible nuclear pollution of the zone, Sergii Kryvulia informed that nuclear substances cannot be produced during gas extraction, it is only possible during oil extraction. 

Valeryi Bilokudria expressed his gratitude to Izium community for caring and reassured that gas extraction is preceded by numerous expertise, confirmations and public hearings that will constitute the ground for exploration works. 


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