Director of “Shebelynkagazvydobuvannia” Gas Industry Administration of “Ukrgazvydobuvannia” State Company of National Joint Stock Company “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, deputy of Kharkiv Regional Council Yurii Fesenko explained specifics of hydrocarbons extraction using hydraulic fractioning method used by the enterprise he heads and which “Shell Exploration and Production Ukraine Investments (IV) B. V.” Company will use at Yuzivska gas area.

The hydraulic fraction method is not new to the gas industry, Yurii Fesenko says, it has been used during the previous decade (in the USSR, the analogous so-called “frac job” method was first used in 1952).

Director of “Shebelynkagazvydobuvannia” Gas Industry Administration also stressed that this technology is absolutely safe for territorial communities: “Let me cite a recent example. A week and a half ago, hydraulic fraction was conducted at the 522nd hole. As you can see, no negative consequences followed. Accusations stating that the method negatively affects subterranean waters also have no grounds. Water collectors are placed about 800-1500 meters deep but the fraction takes place at the depth of over 3.5 km.”

According to Yurii Fesenko, hydrocarbons extraction needs a change of approaches and orienting points. “There’s hydrocarbons left on Earth in the gas form for a hundred years or even less. Non-conventional gas seems a viable alternative. As According to preliminary calculations, its resources in Ukraine reach about 4.5 trillion m3. This is a very considerable amount, taking into account that our country consumes 42 billion m3 of gas annually.”

Expressing a professional point of view, Yurii Fesenko welcomed “Shell” in Kharkiv Region as it brings perspectives for Ukraine’s development and achieving of the state’s energy independence. 

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