According to the report of Valentina Gekova, PR specialist of the “Shell Exploration and Production Ukraine Investments (IV) B. V” Company, at the Balakliia District Council plenary meeting, operational control activities at Yuzivska gas area covering 3 districts of Kharkiv Region and 7 districts of Donetsk Region will be fully “Shell” Company’s responsibility. 

The first stage of the works at Yuzivska area is explorations, and within its framework 2D and 3D prospecting seismology as well as 15 exploration holes drilling will be conducted. These operations will provide an opportunity to estimate the hydrocarbons resources in the area and to decide on its further development.

“Yuzivska project will be fully implemented in accordance with international environmental standards and social responsibility undertaken by the ‘Shell’ company,” stressed Valentina Gekova. “In order to ensure this, complex estimation of potential influence on ecologic and social environment will take place before the works start.”.

Social programs implementation is provided for, as well as local infrastructure improvement. The “Shell” Company specialist states that, during the exploration stage, $2 million annual financing is provided for social programs. In order to decide on directions of social investment, a special coordination body will be established with representatives of territorial communities, the gas company and public organizations involved.

Valentina Gekova noted that, at the first stage, the project staff will comprise 60% of Ukrainian personnel. In case the project proceeds to commercial gas extraction, this rate will rise to 80%.

The “Shell” representative informed that during 10 years of hydraulic fraction use by “Shell” in the USA, no cases of ground waters pollution or seismic affect were registered.



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