This is what was stressed by President of the Ukrainian Association of District and Regional Councils, Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council Sergii Chernov in his presentation of the Association at the Council of European Municipalities and Regions meeting.

Sergii Chernov provided the participants with detailed information on the forms of international cooperation of the Association and with definite steps in the direction of business contacts expansion:

“Admittance of the Association to the European associations and corporations register made it possible for our activity to get onto global level, receiving permanent representation at the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the European Council. In the regional chamber of the Congress the association is represented by six delegates.

Cooperation with our European colleagues is carried out in the framework of the Conference of Local and regional Authorities of the Eastern Partnership (CORLEAP).

The decision on admittance of the Association to NALAS has been adopted on September 25, 2012. NALAS pointed out cooperation with Ukrainian regional and district councils as one of the primary priorities.

Speaking of the treaties signed with international organizations, Sergii Chernov informed: “The Association has signed several treaties on cooperation with both local authorities and international organizations as well as with representatives of European regions network. Among them are the Treaty with the UNO development Program, Memorandum on Collaboration with Canadian Urbanities Institute on implementation of the “Regional Government and Development” project in Ukraine, a cooperation treaty with the Association of Washington Cities.”

According to President, the Association keeps in contact with the international “Renaissance” fund, UNITER pact, Think Tank Fund, Open Society Fund, USAID, “Local Democracy Strengthening in Ukraine” EC program.

“We put much hope into cooperation with our CEMR colleagues as the organization is the largest European union of local and regional authorities. Our aims, future views on the ground of ever growing local representative role are almost the same, our joint actions would significantly contribute to carrying out the tasks we have set for ourselves” said President of Ukrainian Association of District and Regional Councils Sergii Chernov.


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