In the framework of the Policy Committee meeting of the CEMR taking place in Paris today, requests on admittance of new members were reviewed by this largest organization uniting European local and regional governments.

More than 50 city associations, municipalities and regions of 37 states are members of the CEMR. President of the Ukrainian Association of the District and Regional Councils, Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council Sergii Chernov presented the Association that nowadays is one of the prospective new CERM members.

Turning to his colleagues, Sergii Chernov informed that the Ukrainian Association includes Verkhovna Rada of the Crimea Autonomous Republic, all regional councils and 385 district councils (over 80% of existing in Ukraine).

“Established under the Association’s aegis, Congress of Local and Regional Councils of Ukraine allows us to coordinate our actions with our colleagues from national city associations, town and village councils in the framework of a unified municipal movement” stated Sergii Chernov.

Among the main achievements of the Association, Sergii Chernov stressed its significant contribution to the power democratization process, improvement of legislative base and regional state building:

“We actively participated in the drawing of the current Constitution of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine “On Local Authorities in Ukraine”, as well as a number of other laws and documents regulating representative territorial power and fostering regional development.

The Association works actively on further improvement of the legislative area. For this purpose, a concept project of territorial power organization and local authorities reforms was suggested for discussion in all regions and, being approved, processed and submitted to the Government.

The Association is also represented in advisory and consulting bodies of the executive and legislative branch. The Association’s representatives work at the Constitutional Assembly of Ukraine on amendments for the Supreme Law to make it comply with the European Charter on Local Self-Government.

Stressing the Association’s continuous searching for new forms of operation and partnership, Sergii Chernov concluded: “Our present with all of its crises and challenges fosters us to consolidation of intellectual and technical resources, creation of new labor markets and outlets in the unified European area for the sake of ensuring decent living conditions for all of our nations.”

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