Sergii Chernov, the Head of the Kharkiv Regional Council, has made an emphasis on the statement mentioned above, when reporting about work results before local community of the region during the plenary meeting of the XVIIIth session of the Regional Council.

Taking into consideration the reporting period, eight sessions in the course of which two hundred eighty-five decisions were adopted, and two sessions of which were held out of turn, were held by the Kharkiv Regional Council. From the beginning of the sixth convocation the deputies gathered for sessions seventeen times and adopted five hundred seventy-five decisions.

Twelve plenary committees of the Regional Council conducted totally two hundred meetings and considered more than two thousand questions during the year. In 2012 a practice of conducting visiting sessions of permanent commissions was initiated. The Head of the Regional Council stated that such form of work should be applied more actively, involving labor teams, trade unions and public organizations in cooperation with deputy corps.

As it was underlined by Mr.Chernov, “effectiveness of representative authority which is the Regional Council itself is defined not by the number of meetings or decisions made, but by the fact to what extent such decisions are expert, informed and in accordance with time and goal they were considered”.

Three working groups were organized for detailed working out of some issues during the reporting period.

Complex approach needed when governing such complicated system as our region, clear vision of prime importance tasks as for building site under current conditions and in the future, the Regional Council realizes in compliance with Strategy of stable development of Kharkiv region, approved by the deputies at the end of the 2010. On the strategy bases mentioned the industrial areas are formed. As of December 2012 forty-two regional programs thirteen of which were approved in the course of reporting period are implemented in our region,”- stated the Head of the Regional Council.

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