The Head of Kharkiv Regional Council Sergii Chernov participated in the meeting of the Regional Council Regular Commission on Agriculture and Environmental Issues and reported before the deputies about his work results as well as deputy corps` and executive institutions` of the Regional Council achievements.

Speaking about optimization mechanisms for Regional programs aimed at their efficient functioning and monitoring, Sergii Chernov mentioned that out of 120 Regional programs 42 are being carried out. To Sergii Chernov`s mind, this is the number that affords controlling all areas of the Region’s development and provides for accumulating financial resources for solution of definite issues.

“Today we can talk about full observance of the Region’s budget obligations this year. Besides, we managed to invest around 90 million hryvnas into stock of capital, building and reconstruction of medical and social objects.

General provisions of 2013 Regional budget, total of 5, 021 billion hryvnas, are planned to be adopted on the plenary meeting on December, 20” explained Sergii Chernov. 

The Head of the Regional Council also expressed his satisfaction with the Commission’s on Agriculture and Environmental Issues activity.

According to Sergii Chernov, it is very important fact that the Region’s citizens will have an opportunity to spectate the plenary meetings live through broadcast on two TV channels and to watch how issues of great significance for their community are being solved and the Region’s natural resources used. “Our job is to synergize our actions and work efficiently for the benefit of all Kharkiv Region citizens and each particular community” stressed Sergii Chernov.

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