Within the framework of the traditional “Dytiatko” TV marathon on OTB Channel, Segrii Chernov, Kharkiv Regional Council Head, the Head of “Dytiatko” International Children TV Festival Organizational Committee, shared details of preparations to the upcoming Festival.

“Organizational work on the International Children Television Festival is always underway as the Festival is not only contest works showing days and master classes but also numerous children competitions throughout the year one of which is “This is What My Dad is Like!”. It is specific due to its being called to turn attention to the male role in bringing up children. I think we succeeded as this year around 500 children took part in the competition” believes the Head of Regional Council.

Sergii Chernov also reminded that over 170 studios from 86 cities and towns of Ukraine, Russian Federation, Byelorussia and Switzerland participated in the Festival during 4 years since its establishment.

“I am so happy that the geography of the Festival’s participants broadens each year and new friends and partners join us. Thank to our friend and partner, M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, each year two studios can afford staying a week in Moscow” informed Sergii Chernov. “European Council Office in Ukraine became our partner in 2012 and it presented a trip to EC Headquarters in Strasburg to a studio from Zhytomyr.”

Sergii Chernov also mentioned that in 2012 “Dytiatko” Festival became a member of International Center of Films for Children and Young people CIFEJ and one of the organization’s representatives worked it Jury staff of the competition.

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