The Head of Kharkiv Regional Council Sergii Chernov and Yevgen Savin, Deputy Head of the Regional State Administration, held a solemn awarding ceremony today for the winners of the VI O. S. Maselskyi Region Competition of the best literary works and also awarded talented young people of Slobozhanshina.
S. Chernov, the Head of the Organizational Committee of the O. S. Maselskyi Competition of the best literary works, congratulated all the winners: “The literary competition that has been conducted for 6 years in Kharkiv region, has discovered many outstanding names. Again we heard of acknowledged artists and are pleased to congratulate young people who successfully competed literary masters.”
“On Oleksand Spetanovich`s birthday, we observe the memorial date and at the same time honor talented people of our region who have always been valued by Governor Oleksandr Maselskyi” mentioned Sergii Chernov.
The Honorable Citizen’s of Kharkov Region and the Hero’s of Ukraine wife, Sofia Maselska, wished the competition participants too compete in a way that would make their literary work pleasant and as well please surrounding people. To her mind, this could be considered a continuation of Oleksandr Maselskyi credo in a way: “Hurry up to do good things”, which he preserved in all of his deeds.
Sergii Chernov and Yevgen Savin awarded the winners in the “Prose”, “Poetry”, “Publicist” and “Drama” nominations with financial bonus of five, three are two thousand hryvnas for the 1st, 2nd and the 3rd places correspondently. Winners in the “Master of Word” and “Student Youth” nominations received prizes.
In 6 years of O. S. Maselskyi competition of the best literary works existence, over one thousand writers from all Region districts submitted their works for the jury review.
Aiming at involvement of as many young talented writers as possible and giving them an opportunity to show off their literary talent, a brand new “Student Youth” nomination was established this year.

This year, 142 participants took part in the competition in such nominations: “Prose” (51 participants), “Poetry” (67 participants), “Publicist” (17 participants) and “Drama” (7 participants).  

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