The Head of Kharkiv Regional Council Sergii Chernov and the Vice Head of the Regional State Administration Yevgen Savin held the ceremony for the Local Authorities Day celebration in the small hall of the Council Building.
The ceremony was attended by guests from the neighboring Byelgorod Region: the First Vice Head of Byelgorod Regional Council Oleksandr Skliarov congratulated Kharkiv region local authorities staff to the professional holiday.
The Head of Kharkiv Regional Council Sergii Chernov congratulated 9205 deputies of 486 local councils and more than 5 thousand public officials of the regional local authorities.
“Being a representative of your community, to defend its interests and care for its welfare every single day is an honorable mission you all have undertaken and great responsibility before those who entrusted it to you. Every day I learn about life activity of settlements right from their inhabitants; for ordinary people, local deputies and authorities are embodiment of power and government and are always first aid for solution of all their problems and issues” stated Sergii Chernov. “In addition, local authorities ensure liaison between citizens and the state as well as remain the basis of power of the people and grounding institution of democracy.”

Sergii Chernov and Yevgen Savin awarded Regional Council and Regional State Administration Prizes to the Local Authorities Day. They also announced the winners of the “Best Local Authorities Worker” competition. 33 Public officials from 16 Oblast Regions and 1 town of Oblast importance competed for the title.  

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