The meeting between SergiI Chernov, Kharkiv Regional Council Head, and Oleksandr Skliarov, First Vice-Head of Belgorod Regional Council, took place today within the framework of Inter-deputy Working Group of Cooperation activity. 
The Working Group Head and First Deputy Head of Kharkiv Regional Council Olena Oleshko, Sergii Avershin, Director of Economy and International Relations Department of the Regional State Administration, Anatolyi Grytsenko, Director of UkrNDI for Environmental Issues, Mykola Titov and Volodymyr Bezruchenko, Heads of Permanent Commissions of the Regional Council also participated in the meeting.
The parties reviewed issues concerning international project “Development of Complex Plan for Improvement of Lopan River Basin”.
According to the Head of the Regional Council Sergii Chernov, improvement of Lopan river basin is an important issue for both Kharkiv and Belgorod regions.
“An important meeting took place today, because the problem of complex improvement of Lopan river concerns Ukrainian party as well as Russian one. We will get to the state level with the initiative of admitting river basins improvement to the State Program and therefore ensure providing money from the state budget. Region budget should as well provide for co-financing, and thus these issues are to be reflected in the region’s social and economic development program” stated Sergii Chernov.
The Head of the Regional Council also explained that this January Ukrainian Association of Local and Regional Councils might be admitted to the Association of European Regions, and this would contribute to emerging of additional opportunities for implementation of environmental projects as solving these problems is one of the areas of joint cooperation.  

Besides, the participants of the Inter-Deputy Working Group discussed the areas of activity for 2013. In particular, it is planned to review issues concerning the development and integration of “Slobozhanshina” educational space of the European Region and supporting innovations of small and average businesses in the industrial and agricultural areas.  

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