Today within the framework of the solemn meeting at the Council Center, the Head of Kharkov Regional Council Sergii Chernov, Deputy Head of the Oblast State Administration Yevgen Savin and Deputy Mayor Oleksandr Popov awarded champions, prize-winners and participants of the XIV Summer Paralympics in London, 2012.

The Regional Council Members Viktor Khrystoiev and Volodymyr Bezruchenko, Duputy Mayor Svitlana Gorbunova-Ruban also participated in the ceremony.

“Your sports feats are an example of faith in your own strength. Enormously hard work and numerous victories in different competitions led to success in London. For all deputy corps, I express our gratitude, dear sportsmen, to each one of you for your individual contribution to our team’s leading position. I am sure Ukrainian anthem will always sound at the world’s greatest sports events!” said Sergii Chernov.

For the national team’s significant sports achievements were awarded: Vasyl Keke, national swimming team coach – with the Medal “For Merit” of the III class and personal gratitude from the Prime-Minister of Ukraine; Mykola Ovcharenko, the Head of the Regional Center “Invasport” – with a Medal “For Labor and Achievements”.
Oskana Vorontsova, the coach of the national swimming team, got the title “Honorable Employee of Sports and Physical Culture” and personal gratitude from the Prime-Minister of Ukraine.

Representatives of training staff and sportsmen also acquired certificates for financial reward.


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