Head of Kharkov Regional Council, president of Ukrainian Association of district and regional councils Sergii Chernov stresses on this attention of participants of Conference of local and regional powers of countries of Eastern partnership (CORLEAP) held in Kishinev.

He expressed certainty of that quite soon Ukraine will start intensive approach to the side of decentralization, increasing role of regions and local self-government in state and social life.

The most important step on this way, as Sergii Chernov stated, it is the beginning of work of Constitutional Assembly called by the decree of President of Constitutional Assembly which prepares revisions to the Fundamental Law of Ukraine.

“One of seven commissions created in a scope of Constitutional Assembly deals with matters concerning administration and territorial structure and local self-government, - Sergii Chernov told members of CORLEAP. – As a representative of this commission I should say that we see implementation of the norms of European charter of local self-government into Ukrainian legal system as the our basic task. At the past the main problem in this process was need in making changes into Constitution that was adopted in 1996, and Charter was ratified by Ukraine in 1997. At present we’ve got possibility to fulfill international liabilities taken by Ukraine after ratification of European Charter of local self-government”.

“On the other hand, in the process of bringing national legal system to standards of European Charter of local self-government we are interested in cooperation with experts who present states where Charter is installed into legislation. In the format of conferences or round tables specialists could share their experience and give analytical value of legislative processes in Ukraine. We are not eager to copy blindly any ideal system of regional management because we know that such system cannot exist. Our aim is developing our own effective form of regional democracy which will be vital under our conditions and will be flexible enough for future responses for all the needs of people”, - president of Ukrainian association of district and regional councils, member of CORLEAP Sergii Chernov summarized at the end.

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