“Today the Ukrainian Association of District and Regional Councils unites all the regional councils, the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and almost 80% of district councils in all parts of Ukraine. This is a real power, - Sergii Chernov, Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council, pointed out during briefing held within frames of the Congress of members of the Association of Odessa Region, - We generate ideas for development of the regions, bring them to the notice of the top officials of the state and want to have the possibility to influence processes taking place in the country”.

This year, due to initiative of Viktor Yanukovych, the President of Ukraine, the issue of reform of local self-government became of great state importance, became one of the national priorities. We, the representatives of local self-government authorities, want that these initiatives were fixed in the appropriate document, that the Concept of Reform of Local Self-Government Authorities and Territorial Organization of Power was approved.

As was evidenced by our life, it is necessary to move just along this line, the most efficient model is based on decentralization of power, strong regions and local self-government meeting the European Charter of Local Self-Government, - Sergii Chernov grounded the importance of the attitude assumed by the Associated headed by him.

“To integrate the interests of communities to the state policy, - Sergii Chernov tells, - the heads of commissions of the Association are members of collegia of the Ministries, cooperate fruitfully with special-purpose committees of the Supreme Council, represent the Association in the Constitutional Assembly and the Coordination Council on Issues of Civil Society Building”.

“On my opinion, today already many of state authorities will not be able to work without our participation. And we will not give them such a chance. Out task is to be heard, that it was understood along the entire power vertical that local self-government must obtain levers of power used for solving the tasks put by people before us”, - the President of Association emphasized.

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