At the meeting of representatives of the national associations of local self-government authorities with Mykola Azarov, the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Sergii Chernov, the President of Association of District and Regional Councils and the Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council, raised a number of issues determining a successful development of the regions and local self-government.
In particular, Sergii Chernov emphasized that today the Law on Associations of Local Self-government Authorities of Ukraine is actually inoperative. Moreover, it is violated by representatives of the state authorities. As was calculated by the specialists, only this year there were adopted 10 and registered 13 legislative drafts reducing powers of local self-government authorities.
The President of Association of District and Regional Councils said that the heads of the local council would like to know the opinion of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as to administrative and territorial reform and reform of local self-government authorities an as to planning the budget. That is observance of the Law on Associations and consultations the Central Power Authorities with the National Associations before adoption of those or other legislative drafts that will make it possible for all the branches of power to act not only together but to advantage of residents of the territorial communities.
Sergii Chernov also attracted attention of Mykola Azarov to an urgent necessity of introduction of a scheme of long- and medium-term planning the budget, that of finding of a transparent and understandable formula of assignment of subventions to regions taking into consideration the internal gross product of the state and peculiarities of each region. In this case, as Sergii Chernov considers, will be able not to hope for something unknown but to plan and implement some particular plans and programs.

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