By invitation of the provost of Kharkiv national Academy of Municipal Services Volodymyr Babayev the head of Kharkiv regional board Sergii Chernov met students KhNAMS who in future will be specialized in management of organizations of municipal self-administration.

According to Volodymyr Babayev meeting of students with the head of regional board will open cycle of communication with successful managers who have ruling authorities and achieved considerable results in their activities. Practical aspects of municipal self-administration will be useful for students trying to understand the tasks facing before managers governing territories.

Sergii Chernov introduced students with the best world models of municipal self-administration; underlined present real matters of administrative and territory structure and power organization; characterized current problems concerning municipal self-administration and determined perspective tasks.

In opinion of Sergii Chernov state processes in Ukraine can be directed to stabilization provided transition to medium-term and long-term planning. Just in this case when regions get clear and unchanged formula of receiving subsidies, they can develop in harmony but not selectively under influence of political reasonability. 

Sergii Chernov considers that we should pay special attention to decentralization of authorities. But municipal powers can react flexibly and operatively on needs of their citizens. Accordingly, authorities can be supported with appropriate financing.

“Kharkiv region gathers nearly 23 billion different taxes every year. Region requires 7.2-7.4 billion hryvnas for holding budget sphere annually, that with difficulties it receives from the centre. Undoubtedly, budget of the country shall get assets to perform functions of the country. But and regions shall have stimuli for development of territories” – Sergii Chernov stated.

He emphasized that one can reform municipal self-administration and arrange this correctly provided availability of trained personnel. The head of regional board also answered questions of students of Academy.

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