With reference to mechanisms of systematic and harmonious development of state regions, it was stated by the President of Ukrainian Association of district and regional Councils, the Head of Kharkiv Regional Council Mr. Sergii Chernov that such very essential average- and long-term planning on management basis remains to stay more declarative on regional level.

«Current legislation states the common features of regional development management. Though points of legislative rating of new state district policy principles as regards effective innovative instruments for solving the problems of asymmetry of Ukrainian regional development with due account for their economic peculiarities, demography, environment, education and population mentality, are still open», - states Sergii Chernov.

For improving such a situation, Sergii Chernov initiates adopting a legislative decision in accordance to which a gross domestic product rate of the state will annually determine the volume of funds which can be directed by the state at regional development. Today this figure is 7-8%. State capacity being taken into consideration, this very figure can be gradually increased. But the main point here is to apply transparent long-term formula, according to which 70% will be channeled to the region depending on its population, and the rest 30% will be directed at equalization of the socio-economic development.

«It is important not to change the rules of the game annually. Under this very condition regional development strategy will function. Then, we will have the awaited average- and long-term planning which enables us to deal with major projects and to involve powerful investors as for realization of their investment. The state must monitor strategy of development directions and provision of high-grade services, as well as targeted use of funds», - considers Sergii Chernov.

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