«It is very important for Ukraine, 80% territory of which has a border status and where there are 10 Euroregions in function», - underlines the President of the Ukrainian Association of district and regional councils, Head of the Kharkiv regional Council, Mr.Sergii Chernov in his speech in Sevastopol, dedicated to the identification of effective steps on the way of local self-government reform.

«The concept of overcoming the crisis through integration deepening sounds reasonable enough in the whole Europe. High level of economics automatically means a high level of integration with other economies, due to the fact that all spheres in the world are interpenetrative and closely connected with one another. And, of course, it is much better to be a construction site than a showdown area between the East and the West. What is more, our country possessing an intellectual power, food, water and energy resources for this. Regional cooperation can ensure the balance in politics, that is the inner strength and understanding of urgent problems,» - said Sergii Chernov.

«Finally, the basic operating principles of local self-government are to be reconsidered for their further improvement in accordance with the standards of the European Charter of local self-government. The actual, but not the declarative, rights of the bodies of representative power at the local level are to be consolidated. The subsidiarity principle with an appropriate distribution of powers between the bodies and high-level provision of administrative services is to be ensured. It is also needed to create the most favorable conditions for public participation in regional management, also through the bodies of self-organization of population. And we are not only foreign but also domestically experienced in this issue», - noted the Head of Kharkiv regional Council.

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