Such belief was expressed by President of Ukrainian Association of district and regional councils, Head of Kharkiv Regional Council Sergii Chernov during “the round table” meeting, dedicated to the discussion of the draft law “About population self-organization bodies” that was held on the 30-th of July in Kyiv. Also representatives of associations of local self-government bodies, heads of regional councils, scientists took part in its work.

Sergii Chernov, who is the head of the subject subgroup elaborating the above law in draft that works within the framework of a group working on the improvement of territorial organization of power and local self-government, focused on the fact that resolving problems of the population self-organization is extremely important both for enlivening self-government public initiatives and for developing local self-government. However, experience shows that in our country legal foundations for developing local self-government bodies have not been created yet.

Also Sergii Chernov drew attention of the meeting participants to the fact that in President of Ukraine’s yearly address to Verkhovna Rada “About Internal and external situation in Ukraine in 2012” great attention was paid to the subject of local self-government reforming.

In particular, a number of problems needs realization on legislative level, among them – improvement of regulatory-legislative provision of activity of the population self-organization bodies , giving them an opportunity to carry out economical activities within the framework of their main assignments; clear legislative determination of authorities of the population self-organization bodies and that of status of their heads; determination of a list of delegated authorities etc.

«It is well-known that in the course of elaborating a Law there is different opinions as to its basic provisions. That is why we should work as hard as possible to elaborate the Law which in case of its adoption would not remain on paper but would become one of steps on the road of reforms in the sphere of local self-government”- Sergii Chernov underlined.

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