Today the second session of the Coordination Council in the matters of realization of the EC project and the UN Development program “Community-oriented local development” (МРГ-ІІ) was held in the small hall of the House of Councils.

Among its participants there were: Head of the permanent commission of the Kharkiv Regional Council in the matters of local self-government, administrative-territorial arrangement, regulations and deputy activities, First Vice-President – executive Director of the Association of local self-government bodies of the Kharkiv Region Mykola Titov; Head of the permanent commission of the Kharkiv Regional Council in the matters of budget Liudmyla Nemykina; Head of the executive staff of the Regional Council Sergii Klymenko; Coordinator of the Regional unit of implementation of the Project МРГ-ІІ in the Kharkiv Region Halyna Chala; Administrators of Dvorichna, Velykyi Burluk, Izium, Borove, Krasnohrad, Balakliya districts – participants of МРГ-ІІ Project.

During this session a new component of implementation of the EC project and the UN Development program “Community-oriented local development” (МРГ-ІІ): “ Increase of energy effectiveness of regions”- was presented and aspects of realization of micro projects were discussed, aimed at energy saving, medical services, ecology that are being executed in 24 communities of the Kharkiv Region provided funding is carried out by the project МРГ-ІІ (50% up to US $ 10.000), by the local budget (from 45%) and by the community (5%).

As Halyna Chala told, the component of energy effectiveness increase of the region is going to be implemented in four districts of the Kharkiv Region, which will be selected on a competition basis. Maximum grant sum will be increased up to US$ 20.000 and may be equal up to 70% of the project price; 25% - contribution from the local budget and at least 5% - community contribution.

«When assessing quality of project preparation both purpose and possibilities of projects functioning will be considered. Energy effectiveness should be understood as use of innovation equipment generating electric power. First of all possibility of utilization of local sources of power is the key moment here: in Kharkiv area they are wastes and solar energy. Top priority attention during preparation of projects should be paid to segment of social structures in the rural area. Projects on energy effectiveness shall be realized in our region from September of the current year till September 2013. Before completion of the Project, and this is January 2014, summaries and presentations will take place,” – Coordinator of the Project underlined.

“Community-oriented local development” Project (МРГ),that is funded by EC, co-funded and implemented by the UN Development project has its target to create pre-conditions for long-term stable social and economic development at the local level by strengthening local self-governing and realization of communities’ initiatives on the whole territory of Ukraine. To achieve this target methods of social mobilization of local communities, state power bodies and those of local self-government, non-governmental organizations and private sector are used to make common decisions and allocation of resources in order to advance principles of steady development at the local level.

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