This was the information to which President of the Ukrainian Association of Local and Regional Councils, Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council Sergiiy Chernov draw the attention of representatives of the Monitoring Committee of the Congress of local and regional authorities of the Council of Europe during its session.
As noted by the member of the Monitoring Committee of the Congress Sergii Chernov, for the last years Ukraine has done some steps towards creating effective local self-government and developed regional democracy. A number of laws were adopted among which there are laws, regulating activities of representative authorities on territories, their relations with the state authority, election legislation has been improving.  
«However a lot of problems still remain unsettled. For example, as a positive achievement we may regard ratification of the European Charter of the local self-government in 1997. But the issue of implementation of the Charter norms into Ukrainian legislation has remained open all these years, also because this required introduction of changes in the Constitution”, - informed Sergii Chernov.
In the opinion of the member of the Constitutional Assembly Sergii Chernov, the implementation of the European Charter of the local self-government into Ukrainian legislation will become more dynamic in the process of work of the Constitutional Assembly.
Sergii Chernov has informed members of the Monitoring Committee that the first meeting of the Assembly was held on June 20 with President of Ukraine being present, who accentuated, that the main target of the Assembly’s work is to modernize the country and this can be done only at the expense of strengthening the democratic, social and law-governed state.

Among priorities defined by the Head of the state there are expansion of constitutional regulation of direct democracy institutions, creation of appropriate constitutional bases of reforming local self-government in order to improve its effectiveness and consolidating constitutional principles of Ukraine’s participation in integrating processes.  

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