On March 29, 2012, by Decision of the Board of the Association of Authorities of Local Self-Government of Kharkiv Region there was set up a regional competition calledLocal Self-Government – This is We” oriented on pupils and students. The organizing committee developed the Regulation on its conducting and presented it to the members of the Association at the meeting that took place in Borova District.
The objective of this competition is popularization of local self-government and bringing home to children and young people the role and peculiarities of local self-government. The competition provides for six nominations: three for students and three for pupils.
“We today do not talk about status value of profession. We mean that the profession of a local self-government officer is not so a simple thing. It is not simply to come and begin to guide, for example, some village council, - emphasized Sergii Chernov, the President of Association and the Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council, when he commented the necessity and urgency of this competition. – This must be taught and fostered, in order our young people consider the power as a profession of great prestige, and this shall be taught beginning from the school.
But today, to a large extent due to mass media, “the local self-government officer” or “the executive power officer” has become a swearword.”
The pupils will have the possibility to compete in graphic papers on a topic “My Commune” and in written papers titled “What is Local Self-Government”, as well as to take part in a regional academic competition on knowledge in theory and practice of state management and local self-government. Two nominations are offered for students: an individual one titled “Which is Local Self-Government we Need?”, and a collective one called “We Know How to Do It”. They also can organize a team in their higher education institution and play a “Brain Ring” game.
The individual and collective papers will be received up to October 31. 2012. The applications for participation in the Regional Academic Competition and “Brain Ring” game will be received up to October 1. 2012. The winners will be awarded in December in the framework of celebration of the “Local Self-Government Day”.

If you have any questions as to participation in the Competition, please contact us by phone (057) 705-14-26 or by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

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