Today during General meeting of the Association of the local government bodies of Kharkiv Region, that took place in Borova district, participants of the meeting discussed the draft of the Ethic Code for deputies and officials of the local government bodies in Kharkiv Region. The document has been elaborated by the Executive Management of the Association and the Kharkiv Regional Institute of the State Government at the President of Ukraine.
This Code is intended to create conditions for strengthening the authority of the local government authorities and improving the reputation of deputies and officials, as well as for informing the community about behavior it expects from them.
The Code specifies provisions that shall be guide lines for specialists in the field of professional activity, execution of their service duties, organization of coordinated actions with citizens and colleagues. The document determines ways of solving moral problems and making the most adequate professional decisions in ethic aspects.
Among personal qualities of subjects of ethic behavior the priority tasks are: ability to clearly formulate targets and guide lines; willingness to listen to others’ opinions; absence of prejudice, unselfishness and loyalty.  
Following the Code provisions will contribute to:
- strengthening of the authority of Local Councils of the Kharkiv Region, their executive committees, the deputy body and officials of the local government; 
- provision of effective accomplishment of tasks and functions of the local government;
- prevention of corrupt practices in the local government bodies;
- expansion of means of community impact on assessment and quality of activities of deputies and officials of the local government.

Participants of today’s meeting approved the decision to discuss the Draft Code with deputies of all levels, to summarize proposals and send them to the executive management of the Association. The latter in its turn before June 20, 2012 will have to forward the Draft Code of ethic behavior of deputies and officials of local government bodies in Kharkiv Region  to international experts of the Program of the European Council “Improvement of Institutional resources of the local government authorities in Ukraine” to get appropriate recommendations. In August during the next meeting of the Association the improved Draft Code will be discussed.  

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