The Association of Authorities of Local Self-Government of Kharkiv Region was the first in Ukraine to be registered in 2007 as a regional association of authorities of local self-government.
The prime cause of creation of such association was the necessity to coordinate efforts and develop joint forms of activities for Councils of different levels on solving the issues relating to the vital problems of the territorial communes of the Region.
The founders of the Association are the Kharkiv Regional Council, Balakliya, Krasnograd, Kegichivka, Valky District Councils and Kupyansk City Council.
“Since the beginning of its work, the Association conducted 24 general meetings and considered there more than 200 issues on organization og local self-government of the region.
During the General Meeting which is the highest governing body of the Association, the participants consider and solve the most urgent issues of the region. Lately, visiting meetings held in the districts and cities of the Region has become a tradition in work of the Association. The advantages of this method of activities are based on the fact that the participants have the unique possibility to get acquainted with the practice of their colleagues, to share experiences” – tells Sergii Chernov, the President of Association and the Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council.
The priority lines of activities of the Association include:
  • Development of local self-government by attraction of local councils and civil associations to participation in competitions, programs, projects, grants;
  • Extension of interregional, border and international cooperation, to promote introduction of the best experience;
  • Publishing activities;
  • Conducting seminars and training courses for representatives of the local councils;
  • Organization of sports competitions.   

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