This is the issue President of the Ukrainian association of district and regional councils, Head of Kharkiv regional council Sergii Chernov focused on in his speech today at the International conference “Multi-level Management of the Education System: Challenges and Opportunities”, which is taking place in Brussels.

«Today Ukraine is looking for ways of updating the education system and its management. One of directions of reforming this sector is decentralization, i.e. transfer of a number of functions and authorities from the superior management bodies to subordinate ones, - said Sergii Chernov. – State authorities elaborate the most general strategy, and regional and district authorities apply their efforts to resolve specific, financial, personnel, material, organizational problems”.

Another area of reforming this sector, as Sergii Chernov stated, is transition from state to state and public management of education, the principal goal of which is combining efforts of the state and the society to solve problems in building up the state policy in the field of education, aspects of teaching and educating, methodical, economic, financial activities. Active development of non-government forms of management is aimed at overcoming disparity between the community and state. Provision of the cooperation dialogue between citizens and the state in the sphere of education is what could guarantee modernization of the contents and strategy of the development.

Speaking about striving of our country to implement the best European practice in the system of Ukrainian education, President of the Ukrainian association of district and regional councils, Head of Kharkiv regional council Sergii Chernov noted: “Academic freedom and autonomy of higher educational institutions is one of priorities of the development of the higher education in Ukraine. That is why the draft Law about higher education is being extensively discussed in Ukraine. Its adoption will extend the autonomy of higher educational institutions in institutional, financial, economic and academic aspects”.


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