This target of the state and regional power was accentuated to-day by the President of Ukrainian association of district and regional councils, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council Sergii Chernov in Brussels in his speech at the conference “Local and regional aspects of the Eastern Partnership”.

Sergii Chernov underlined the necessity of carrying out of administrative-territorial reform in the country notwithstanding the fact that the number of rural population drastically decreased by 2.5 million people during the period from 1991 to 2011, and 558 rural settlements were excluded from statistical data, but the number of village councils increased by 1067 units.

In his opinion the criteria of settlement (villages, community, towns) sizes should be made more accurate. «In Ukraine: 93 towns have less than 10 thousand people, at the same time 47 urban-type communities have the population above 10 thousand inhabitants», - Sergii Chernov said.

As the President of the Ukrainian association of district and regional councils noted, the first step towards realization of the administrative-territorial reform will be adoption of the draft law “About uniting territorial communities”, which regulates processes of consolidating municipal units, what has been applied in practice in European countries for a number of decades and becomes especially urgent against the background of economic depression in the global economy.

«We see our target in building up our regional policy so that equal conditions are created for each territory and people who live in it, where citizens will play an active role in managing their own territories, and regional elected authorities with powers conferred on them, will become main subjects and executors of the state regional policy,”- Sergii Chernov underlined and expressed his belief that fruitful cooperation of local and regional power authorities of Eastern partnership countries will assist in exchanging of advanced experience, making long-term agreements and, what is more important, in their realization on the territory of our countries and in perspective will be of strategic significance.

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