Today the President of the Association of Local Self-Government of the Kharkiv region, the head of the Kharkiv Regional Council Sergiy Chernov and chairman of the Presidium of the Association "The municipalities of Belgorod region" Vasil Potryasayev signed the program "border inter-municipal co-operation in the development of local self-government of Belgorod and Kharkiv regions for 2012 - 2014 ".

The program aims to develop local government of Belgorod and Kharkiv regions, creation, development and implementation of international projects that help to develop the institutions of local government, including institutions in border areas, to strengthen the coordination of local self-government’s work, work of scientists, representatives of business organizations, of civil society, on the problems of municipal development.

Implementation of the program will help to development of existing and new twinning inter-municipal relations; to realize the international projects in the economic and social fields, inter-municipal cooperation, to increase the effectiveness of local self-governments of Belgorod and Kharkiv regions.

Action Plan, which will be implemented under the program until 2014, was adopted. In particular, a series of conferences and round tables, workshops for leaders of Belgorod Duma and the Kharkiv Regional Council, local authorities of Kharkiv region and municipalities of Belgorod region to share experience of local government are going to be held. There will also be a Program site established, a monitoring of problematic issues and expectations of local self- government of Belgorod and Kharkov regions carried out in the development of cross-border cooperation.


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