Tetiana Yehorova-Lutsenko, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, had a meeting with executives of local self-government authorities, the Regional State Administration and Regional Council, specialists and representatives of structural divisions of territorial communities with respect to creating the Unified Electronic Portal of Administrative Services in Kharkiv region, being the first in Ukraine, and providing access to registers of territorial communities of the region.

The agenda issues included implementation of the tariff making system for housing and utilities services in territorial communities of the region. Valeriia Muraieva, Deputy Chairman of the Regional Council and Oleksandr Skakun, acting Head of the Regional State Administration, took part in discussion related to the agenda issues.

“The access to high quality public services in distant residential places is one of the biggest problems. The local authorities have a task to improve quality of public services being rendered and to provide every community resident with it. This is the main idea of the administrative and territorial reform.

President Volodymyr Zelensky assigned the task very clearly: every resident must have a possibility to obtain all social and administrative services quickly and easily. Thus, digitalization is one of the reforms with highest priority in Ukraine.

We all, who are elected to the local self-government authorities, have people behind who expect changes for the better,” Tetiana Yehorova-Lutsenko said, while opening the meeting.

As Oleksandr Skakun stated, “As of October 22, 2021, there are 67 centers with access to administrative services in Kharkiv region. 34 of them are centers for the delivery of administrative services (CDAS) of local self-government authorities, 2 of them are CDAS of district state administrations, 11 of them are CDAS of territorial communities, 19 of them are distant working places, 1 portable CDAS. The Deputy Head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration stated, “We have a utility company equipped with powerful equipment that can be used for the whole region. Every community and starostat (a small residential area of a community) may obtain over 500 types of administrative services in electronic form during six months. It is a pilot project for the whole Ukraine.”

The developer of the Unified Electronic Portal is Utility Company “Kharkiv Regional Communication Systems”.  As Serhii Batsko, Deputy Director of the company, reported, it is planned to create the centralized service center for residents of Kharkiv region based on the Unified Electronic Portal, with an opportunity to provide almost 600 types of services. The experience of Kharkiv is taken as a basis, nowadays in the city there are more than 700 operators providing almost 600 types of services to the population of the city of two million people. According to the developers, the pilot project with access 24/7 to the Service Portal can be implemented within 4-5 months.

In particular, it is planned to provide over 300 types of social services through the Service Portal, including subsidies to housing services and utilities, childbirth benefits, documents for internally displaced persons. Moreover, residents of the region will also have access to the Register of the Territorial Community and 280 types of administrative services, such as record registration and deregistration, obtaining a passport of a citizen of Ukraine and a passport for traveling abroad, registration as individual-entrepreneur, etc.

Thus, in case of being successfully implemented, the Service Portal is going to become a convenient communication area for 55 territorial communities and more than 1700 residential places of Kharkiv region.

Valeriia Muraieva, Deputy Chairman of the Regional Council, noted, “Communities which have not had administrative service centers yet, have to arrange personnel, renovation of premises, purchase of equipment; and they should understand that such costs are higher than the use of the service rendered. At the same time, a community can provide up to 250 types of services on its own. Thanks to the Service Portal, community residents will have access to almost 600 types of services.”

Tetiana Yehorova-Lutsenko, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council noted that the experience of project implementation is going to prove useful for other regions of Ukraine.

She said, “As a result of implementing the project being the first in Ukraine on this scale, not only a convenient communication area is expected to be created for all communities. We are talking about significant budget savings, improving the system of administrative services as part of the digitalization reform.”


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