A working meeting on topical issues of organizing transplant care and its further development in the Kharkiv region was held in the House of Councils. The event was held by the chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council Tetiana Yehorova-Lutsenko.

The meeting was also attended by people's Deputies of Ukraine Oksana Dmitrieva and Victoria Kinzburska, Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine Dmytro Koval, representatives of the regional state administration, heads of health care institutions, rector of Kharkiv National Medical University Valerii Kapusnyk.

Opening the meeting, Tetiana Yegorova-Lutsenko noted that according to statistics, about 5 thousand patients in Ukraine need various organ transplants every year, but most of them die before expected surgery.

"Kharkiv is a recognized medical center with significant scientific and practical potential, the largest number of highly specialized medical institutions, including both state and municipal ownership, are concentrated here, and well-known medical universities operate. I am sure that we have all the prerequisites for the successful and effective development of transplantology," the Chairman of the Regional Council said.

Oksana Dmitrieva informed that a new law on transplantology has been in force in Ukraine for 1.5 years, which she joined in the development of.

"There are really a lot of patients in Kharkiv who need transplant services, and there is a very powerful medical basis that will ensure such operations. For doctors, it is important that the law regulates the issue of their protection, establishing the procedure for transplantation and responsibility for deliberate violation of this procedure. This is very important.

Another important issue is the diagnosis of brain death. Not all hospitals have the equipment to make such a diagnosis. The law stipulates that hospitals that diagnose brain death can go with their equipment to hospitals where such equipment is not available, and make a diagnosis.

In addition, there is a pilot project for the development of transplantology, for which UAH 500 million has been used this year, and UAH 800 million are expected to be used next year.UAH. we are taking funds for the treatment of Ukrainians abroad in order to develop transplantation in our country. Three hospitals in Kharkiv region have already joined the project, so I ask other hospitals to actively participate in order to develop such a necessary service in the region," the MP said.

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