Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council Artur Tovmasian signed memoranda of cooperation with head of the state environmental Inspectorate of Ukraine Andrii Maliovanyi and rector of the state environmental Academy of postgraduate education and management Oleksandr Bondar.

"Our region is one of the flagships of the national industry. At the same time, intensive agricultural activities are carried out here. Together, all this affects the environment. Therefore, it is necessary to implement environmental protection and restoration measures, constantly support a broad information campaign among the population, in educational institutions and enterprises. This requires coordination of actions of local self-government bodies and executive authorities. Cooperation with relevant institutions and organizations," Artur Tovmasian said.

He also recalled that in December 2020, Kharkiv Regional Council approved a comprehensive Environmental Protection Program for the next seven years, which defines priority areas and tasks. The program provides for cooperation with scientific institutions and government agencies.

According to the head of the state environmental Inspectorate of Ukraine Andrii Maliovanyi, the greatest attention should be paid to prompt response to littering of territories, illegal deforestation, as well as monitoring the quality of fuel. He also emphasized that the signed memorandum will unite all authorities, local governments, and communities in environmental protection issues.

"This is almost the first memorandum in the country. It is the result of previous developments that were made together with our Kharkiv colleagues during my visit to the region. We have been preparing for this event for several months. All proposals included in the memorandum are balanced and carefully prepared. I am sure that this document will be implemented and will give a positive result for Slobozhanshchyna," Andrii Maliovanyi said.

According to the rector of the State Ecological Academy of postgraduate education and management Oleksandr Bondar, it is possible to conduct space monitoring of landfills. So, according to the results of observations in Ukraine last year, 23 thousand unauthorized landfills of solid household waste were identified.

"In addition, within the framework of the memorandum, activities will focus on training qualified personnel in the environmental sphere. We can offer training for environmentalists and are ready to develop environmental programs that relate not only to waste management, but also to general environmental program documents for communities. We will work on the programs together with specialists of scientific institutions of Kharkiv region. Our best practices will give a real positive result for the region," Oleksandr Bondar said.

He also noted that a special center will soon be created at the state level together with foreign partners, which will coordinate and finance the most modern innovative developments in the field of ecology.

"I would like to express my gratitude for your cooperation. I am convinced that by combining our efforts, we will have real opportunities to positively influence the state of the environment in the region and timely prevent the occurrence of situations that pose a threat to nature and the natural resources of Slobozhanshchyna," Artur Tovmasian said.


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