The decision was taken at the general meeting of the Association of local self-government bodies of the Kharkiv region, which is being held today in Kharkiv.

First vice-president and executive director of the Association Mykola Titov said that according to the Charter, the President of the Association is elected for a five – year term. The time of the last cadence has ended, so there is a need to choose a new composition of the management structures. Those present at the meeting elected chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council Artur Tovmasian as president of the Association of local self-government bodies of the Kharkiv region.

In his speech, Artur Tovmasian thanked those present for their trust and outlined further directions and priorities of the Association's activities.

"We face urgent tasks and challenges that require us to enter a new stage of the Association's work. Among the main tasks: continuing decentralization, helping communities in countering the COVID-19 pandemic. The Association should become a communicative space for exchanging opinions, best practices and experience, accumulating and analyzing information, an educational and methodological center, and conducting advisory and expert work, an analytical and Monitoring Center in the field of regulatory support for self-government activities, a tool for interaction with local self-government bodies from other regions (primarily under the auspices of the Ukrainian Association of district and regional councils)."

Therefore, there was a need to create a structure that would provide support and promote the development of communities in the region at the regional level. "I will initiate the creation of a Regional Project Center. The purpose of it is to help attract additional investments and funds from international assistance programs to the region and all communities, as well as to introduce successful practices," the president of the Association said.

He also expressed gratitude to the Executive Directorate for its work aimed at developing self-government and noted the contribution of the previous president of the Association, Sergii Chernov, under whose leadership the Association became an authoritative and influential organization.

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