One of the key tasks for the regional authorities and heads of the territorial communities is to improve effective work of Centers for provision of administrative services so that it would be convenient and comfortable for the locals. Today, Artur Tovmasian, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, visited Starovirivka center for provision of administrative services and inspected premises where residents of Kehychivka community can receive administrative and social services.   

According to Anton Dotsenko, Head of the village of Kehychivka, center for provision of administrative services of Kehychivka Village Council is located in the premises of the Village Council. Specialists, who provide administrative and social services to the residents of the community, also work there. However, equipment and working conditions do not correspond to the standards that are now implemented in Ukraine, thus it is required to do renovations, purchase modern equipment.   

Talking to the head of the community, Artur Tovmasian, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, put the emphasis on the necessity to involve all possible resources to get additional funds for furnishing modern and comfortable Center for provision of administrative services.

Chairman of the Regional Council believes that every person, whether or not they live in the city or in a small village, should have the possibility to receive high-quality state services.  

“I want to pay attention of all heads of the communities of Kharkiv region to the fact that yesterday the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution approving the procedure and conditions for granting a subvention for the development of the network of Centers for provision of administrative services. State funds can be obtained for the construction, reconstruction, restoration and overhaul of buildings and premises, as well as for the purchase of equipment on terms of co-financing from the communities at the level of at least 10%.

Communities that pass competitive selection will receive additional opportunities (Documents can be submitted to the Ministry of Digital Transformation over the period of one month). Priority will be given to the communities with the population of not more than 10 thousand residents. Take the opportunity that will allow you to broaden the spectrum of services including legal assistance and social support“, - Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council said.

If we are talking about Starovirivka center for provision of administrative services, it has been working on the territory of the community since November 2019. Starovirivka Village Council was a participant of the first round of the phase of implementation of “U-LEAD with Europe” program in part of formation of Center for provision of administrative services. Furniture, computer equipment, professional programs, even children's area were purchased because of this.

 “Local Center for provision of administrative services is an example of an effective use of additional opportunities. Thanks to the international technical assistance, over a hundred services are provided to six thousand residents in comfortable conditions. Also remote working places were created in Mykolaivka and Stanychne. It is a useful example of how effectively community satisfies demands of the residents”, -  Artur Tovmasian said.


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