The local residents of the urban-type settlement of Rohan have been worrying for many years about the condition of the pedestrian undercrossing that goes under the road of national significance “Kyiv-Kharkiv-Dovzhanskyi”. Artur Tovmasian, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, has personally visited the place today.

The pedestrian undercrossing that goes under the road of national significance M03 “Kyiv – Kharkiv- Dovzhanskyi” is on the balance sheet of the Road Traffic Administration in Kharkiv region. The undercrossing was built in the 1980s.The road divides the urban-type settlement of Rohan into two parts. There is no other way for pedestrians to cross the road safely. Nowadays the pedestrian undercrossing does not practically accomplish its function. The lighting is absent there, and the undercrossing itself is used to be submerged  with water after heavy rains and melting of snow, the stairs and wall covering falls off.

Due to unsatisfactory condition of the undercrossing the local people have to cross the road at the place not destined for that purpose, taking the risk of health and life. Besides, the poor condition of the undercrossing causes accidental events. From the beginning of 2015, on this part of the road 5 pedestrians have died and one person has been seriously injured in the road traffic accidents that occurred involving pedestrians.

As it was told by Mariia Chernenko, Chairman of Rohan Settlement Council, the Settlement Council repeatedly applied to the Road Traffic Administration demanding the repair works by the balance holder, but the repair works have not been started yet. 

Artur Tovmasian said, “It is no doubts, this object must be repaired. It requires thorough overhaul in compliance with all building regulations. Nowadays the condition of the underground crossing is poor, there is no lighting and parents worry about that and do not let children go there. All the efforts should be fostered towards the thorough overhaul of the object. I would like to note that the experts examined the undercrossing and established that it can take around two month to repair it. It is necessary to solve the financial matter as well.  We are going to apply to Kyiv with the request to allocate funds to the repair. The estimated value of the repair works is around 4 mln hryvnias.”

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