This was said today by Artur Tovmasian, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, during his working visit to examine objects in the communities of Kharkivskyi district.

 According to the Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, the road connects the inhabited localities being a part of Vilkhivka community, namely: village of Mala Rohan, village of Koropy, village of Stepanky, village of Vilkhivka. 9 km of the automobile roads are badly damaged and require urgent repair.

Oleksandr Shmyhol, Chairman of Vilkhivka Village Council, says that the road topping has not been repaired since the beginning of the 1990s when the road had been brought into service.

Artur Tovmasian, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, stated, “It is very important to solve the issue of repairing the road between Vilkhivka and Mala Rohan. It is obvious that it is nearly impossible to repair even the worst piece of the road, 3 km long, at the expense of the community itself. Thus, thorough overhaul of this part of the road, 3 km long, as well as the patching work is going to be carried out at the expense of the national funds.

I am strongly convinced that the repair works will make it more convenient for the local residents of Vilkhivka and Mala Rohan, as at present they have to drive along the broken road or detour through  Kharkiv, that makes a few extra kilometers”.


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