Sergiy Chernov, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, had a working meeting with Igor Turchenko, Director of state enterprise "Roads of Kharkiv Region". In the course of the meeting parties discussed road conditions and prospects of road repair in Kharkiv region.

Kharkiv Regional Council has received a letter with respect to consideration of adjusted allocation of subvention funds, an adjusted listof objects to be financed at the expense of subvention funds from the national budget into the budget of Kharkiv Region in 2020 and a list of objects which can be financed at the expense of subvention fund balance of 2019.

According to words of Igor Turchenko, Director of state enterprise "Roads of Kharkiv Region", the amount of 71.8 Mln hryvnias has been saved due to application of PROZORO system related to determination of contracting companies to perform road repair works.

The funds are suggested to be allocated to road renovation. The standing commissions on budget, development of infrastructure, transport, roads and communications.
Besides, as Igor Turchenko informed, last year the state enterprise hreceived the amount of 18.3 Mln hryvnias which had been extra saved up.Thus, on the account of Kharkiv Regional Public Administration there is an unallocated subvention fund balance of 90.1 Mln hryvnias from the national budget into the budget of Kharkiv Region. These funds can be allocated to implementation of complementary road infrastructure objects.

Sergiy Chernov stated that there is a number of communal objects in Kharkiv Region which are essential for development of territorial communities in the region. There's a strong need in renovation of road infrastructure, for that reason it is required to increase funding for objects of construction and reconstruction.

Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council said, "Profile commissions of Regional Council should consider relevant proposals in order to execute timely financing and quality implementation of events according to the Program of development of road facilities in Kharkiv Region in 2020."

Moreover, during the meeting the promising directions related to repair of country and communal roads, as well as opportunities to obtain credit facilities and further relationships between the Kharkiv Regional Council and state enterprise "Roads of Kharkiv Region" have been discussed.


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