The presentation of the Energodim program for the support of energy modernization of apartment buildings took place today with the participation of the Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, Sergii Chernov. The event, which was held at the Kharkiv Palace Hotel, brought together representatives of local apartment building co-owners associations, managers and apartment buildings managers of Kharkiv region.

Also the presentation of the Energodim program for the support of energy modernization of apartment buildings was attended by: Chairman of the Permanent Commission of Kharkiv Regional Council for Budget Affairs, Liudmyla Nemykina, representatives of local authorities of the region, deputies of local councils and specialists of their executive structures, experts in energy conservation and energy efficiency.

The meeting participants spoke about the prospects of the local apartment building co-owners associations support program, the possibilities of the Energodim program and the conditions for receiving grants for partial reimbursement of energy-saving measures from the Energy Efficiency Fund.

“If we globally analyze the national economy, compare it with the indicators of the countries of the European Union, it is obvious that the energy intensity in Ukraine is three or four times higher than that of our western neighbors. Therefore, the common task for the authorities of all levels, not excluding business and even household consumption, is to reduce the consumption of energy resources and increase energy efficiency,” emphasized Sergii Chernov.

He also recalled that Kharkiv Regional Council is the regional coordinator of the European Union’s common initiative of the “Covenant of Mayors”, in the implementation of which local and regional authorities join in signing the relevant memoranda.

“The municipalities that signed the memorandum, having thus joined the Covenant of Mayors initiative, commit themselves to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030. The task is very ambitious, but the strategic goal is to ensure that future economic development does not contain an environmental threat to people,” says Sergii Chernov. “We understand that in order to achieve this goal we need knowledge, professional energy management, for which we need to educate and train specialists. This year, in accordance with the regional program of development of local self-government - in the part concerning energy efficiency - the first output of energy managers for territorial communities took place at Kharkiv University of Municipal Economy. Prepared according to the program created with the participation of Kharkiv Regional Council, they are already working in the communities.”

Also, Sergii Chernov said that Kharkiv Regional Council in recent years has allocated more than UAH 6,700,000 to co-finance activities aimed at obtaining “warm loans” for individuals, the local apartment building co-owners associations and the like. According to him, the number of stakeholders is constantly growing, and energy efficiency measures are becoming increasingly popular. In addition, over three years, almost the half of mini-projects in the framework of “Together into the Future” regional competition was directly related to energy conservation and energy efficiency, and they received co-financing from the regional budget of more than 84 million UAH.

“However, I'm sure that this is not enough. There is still a lot of work ahead to achieve acceptable energy efficiency indicators, the ultimate goal should be ensuring the energy independence of Ukraine,” said Sergii Chernov in conclusion.


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