The representative of Ukraine in the CORLEAP Bureau, President of the Ukrainian Association of district and regional councils, Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council CORLEAP Chernov made a presentation on "Capacity building for local and regional governments in the Eastern partnership countries" at the Ninth annual meeting of the Conference of regional and local authorities of the Eastern partnership countries (CORLEAP), which takes place in Turku (Finland).

During his speech called "Capacity building of local and regional public administration", Serhii Chernov reminded that assistance in building management capacity at the local and regional level was identified one of the main goals and priorities of CORLEAP for 2018-2019.

Thus, according to him, the analysis of the current state of capacity building programs of local and regional governments in the Eastern partnership countries showed that it is possible to strengthen management capabilities through:

  • education and public administration training programs of countries, national and regional training centers/schools;
  • programs and trainings at EU level, including at the Eastern partnership Academy of public administration (EPAPA);
  • programs and trainings supported by foreign donors;
  • programs and training supported by civil society organizations.

"The analysis revealed that in all the studied countries the situation to improve the capacity of local and regional authorities is different, - the representative of Ukraine in the Bureau CORLEAP informed. - It can also be argued that the level of corruption significantly hinders the development of the authorities and the country as a whole. In this regard, educational programs of anti-corruption orientation should be a priority." 

According to Serhii Chernov, issues which are common to all Eastern partnership countries were identified, namely: high levels of corruption, inefficient system of recruitment, appointments to positions without regard to skill level; insufficient use of digital technologies for learning and the provision of public services; lack of knowledge of the employees of English or other foreign languages; lack of participation of civil society in the management of public affairs, the control over the government.

"The introduction of new programs that would stimulate the capacity - building of local and regional governance in the Eastern partnership countries will not only solve specific problems, but also create prerequisites for stable cooperation between the regions and the countries of the Eastern partnership and the EU, to eliminate development imbalances," the Head of the Kharkiv Regional Council said.

To solve the problem, he suggested that the European Committee of the regions should develop a program to build the capacity of local and regional governance in the Eastern partnership countries.

"The general recommendations for work on this problem are that it is necessary to form systems for the exchange of knowledge and practices at all levels; to involve scientific, educational and other organizations in cooperation, to establish multi-level interaction to strengthen institutional capacity; to introduce clear and transparent procedures for the recruitment of participants for study tours and exchange programs."

Summarizing his speech, Serhii Chernov also emphasized the necessity of the promotion of the idea of creating an Eastern Partnership Academy for public administration with a permanent headquarters in one of the EAP countries.


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