A press-conference with participation of Sergii Chernov, the Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, devoted to the project start of “Azimuth of Cultural Development” being the winner of the grant contest arranged by the Ukrainian Cultural Fund took place in the House of Councils.

In the view of the Chairman of the Regional Council, this project comes as a breath of fresh air in the life of museums of Kharkiv region.  

Sergii Chernov says, “It is necessary to break the silence in museums, to make them emotional and interesting. It’s wonderful that Kharkiv Historical Museum being a scientific and cultural center of the region has initiated and now is implementing such an important project on museology development in our region. We all, who deal with museum affairs – local self-government authorities and executive bodies – lack new knowledge and technologies. One should develop, study and apply best foreign practices, make every effort to attract many people to visit museums so that they find it exiting to be there.”

According to his words, the amount of UAH 545,000 has been targeted from the state budget to implement the initiative; the co-financing from the regional budget is equal to UAH 100,000. The Chairman of the Regional Council added, “I am convinced that these funds will redound to advantage of museology in the region and owing to the project implementation will provide an opportunity to move to a new quality level in this area.”

As it was told by Olha Soshnikova, the Project Executive, Deputy Scientific Director of Kharkiv Historical Museum named after M.F. Sumtsov, it is focused on creating the aggregate of resources for amending the work of existing communal local history museums in Kharkiv region, aimed at arranging museums of a new type on their basis.

For example, within the scope of the initiative it is planned to arrange interactive seminars and trainings for representatives of museum establishments and authorized staff from local communities dealing with culture development, to work out practical projects on strategic development of museums as a basis for cultural development of communities and objects of tourist routes and algorithms of developing a museum brand of a community.

Besides, it is planned to publish an illustrated edition “Azimuth of cultural development” containing the materials from project experts and a review of the most successful pilot projects received from the program participants.

She said, “It is necessary to create a dialog between museum workers. That is why we decided to arrange en educational workshop for developing relationship strategies between museum establishments and territorial communities. 9 lecturers -  leading experts of museum management from all over the country - will give lectures during a nine-day intensive course.”

Olena Kulik, the Head of Department for issues on local self-governance, community development and international liaison of the executive establishment of Kharkiv Regional Council stated, “We studied and analyzed 23 applications which had been submitted to local history museums in Kharkiv region to participate in the project. Finally we selected 15 museums – participants. By the way, representatives of local self-government authorities in the region also expressed their wish to take part in the project. It sounds very good as the initiative is focused on collaboration of museums and local self-government authorities, search for possibilities to unleash the unique potential of local communities through resources of local museums.”

Materials of the presentation. 

For reference. The project “Azimuth of cultural development” is a winner of the grant contest arranged by the Ukrainian Cultural Fund with the scope of the program “Training. Exchange. Residence. Debuts” in 2019. 

The project is being implemented by specialists from Kharkiv Historical Museum named after M.F. Sumtsov, with the co-financing from the Kharkiv Regional Council.

Implementation date: July-October 2019.


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