Sergii Chernov , Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, had a meeting with the personnel of water treatment structure “Dnipro,separate subdivision of Communal Enterprise “Kharkiv Water Service” (Kharkivvodokanal) in the village of Krasnopavlivka, Lozova district.

Sergii Chernov stated that the enterprise has got a strategic importance, as it ensures continuous water supply to residential places of Lozova, Pervomaisk and Kharkiv districts, including district and regional centers. In the meantime, distance to Kharkiv is about 120 km, and the water structure supplies around 23% from the total water supply to the city.

Sergii Chernov notified, “The Regional Council allocated 3,700,000 hryvnias from the budget, and till the end of the year it is planned to make all required expert evaluations, development of design estimate documentation, involvement of experts and specialists who can assist in working plan determination – to repair, reconstruct or generally build a new water supply line.”

The Chairman of the Regional Council is convinced that such enterprises influence on continuous water supply to residential places and, thus, fate and vital activity of every family, starting from the working place. And the second, not less important thing is pumping up the district budget. It means implementation of different social programs, salaries to the personnel working in the social sphere and so on.

“By getting personally familiarized with the whole technological process, I clearly understand the urgent tasks which should be fulfilled first. It happened so that only one group of water supplies out of six is working.  Pumps and other equipment reached their limits over many years, constant pipe leaks mean costs, expenses, risks. Besides, the efficiency coefficient can be by 20% higher, it refers to prime cost of supply and direct dependence on tariffs.” Sergii Chernov said. 

Moreover, the Chairman of the Regional Council intends to apply for assistance to the National Ecological Fund: “I consulted colleagues and probably such a large-scale work must be broken up into several stages. First of all, to include pump replacement in order to apply up-to-date equipment on certain lines and start thinking about how to reduce the cost of water supply. Perhaps, first of all, it is necessary to reduce electricity consumption on the grounds that it has big a relative weight at prime cost".

Water treatment structureDnipro works 24 hours, in shifts. The company has got 478 people who ensure lifting, processing and supply of drinking water – 140-150 thousand m3 per day for cities of Kharkiv, Lozova as well as some residential places of Lozova, Pervomaisk and Kharkiv districts.

Water treatment structureDnipro includes three productions sites and water mains to Kharkiv and water mains to Lozova in two pipeline strings which run through four districts of Kharkiv region.

The water treatment structure supervises industrial inspection on all stages of technological process starting from water withdrawal out of the water-collecting area and finishing water supply to Lidnovski water reservoirs, preventative and predictive maintenance activities, major and minor repairs of buildings, facilities and equipment, as well as material and technical support of production, production training and skills improvement of the personnel and other things.


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