During the session of Krasnohrad District Council Sergii Chernov, Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, stated that Krasnohrad district had received about 60 mln hryvnias from the regional budget targeted to infrastructure facilities.

 “Last year about 60 mln hryvnias were targeted from the regional budget for infrastructure facilities in Krasnohrad district. They include development of healthcare, education, road repair and construction, premises renovation, etc. Besides, this year 34 priority objects in Krasnohrad district at the amount of about 400 mln hryvnis have been included into the list of the regional program of social and economic development. The amount is rather big, as it refers to construction of the hard domestic wastes landfill, repair of water disposal system in the district, completion of water supply works, etc.” – Sergii Chernov informed.

As far as current plans and their implementation are concerned, the Chairman of the Regional Council told his townsmen that the agreement by the Ministry of regional development had been received, so in the near future the arrangement of hospice in the building of former Shyndler hospital is going to start at the expense of the State fund of regional development.

Nowadays the repair works of Central district hospital are being carried out. At the last session 11 mln hryvnis have been targeted by the deputies of regional council to renovation of infectious department of the hospital.

Sergii Chernov notes that nowadays the roadmap is being worked out along with district authorities, village chairmen and deputies of all levels to solve all the problematic issues which are on the agenda today. 

The Chairman of the Regional Council added, “Certainly, it is impossible to do everything at the same time, so, together with district and town authorities, our task is to determine priority directions requiring additional financing and the urgent directions requiring financing on a first priority basis.

He also drew attention of district deputies to necessity of paying great attention to the ecological safety of the land and reminded on resonating issue being studied at the last session of the regional council when it became known that waste products of petroleum products had been poured into an unauthorized dump in Krasnohrad district.

In the context of the ecological issues being touched upon, Sergii Chernov also promised to make efforts to clean up the Berestovenka river bed in the future, build a landfill and renovate the water disposal system in Krasnograd district.


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