Today in the course of his working trip to Lozova district, Sergii Chernov, the Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, visited several cultural and social objects. He also told to mass media representatives about the changes planned to make in the district in the coming days, topical issues and ways to solve them.

The Chairman of the Regional Council says, “Over the last years I have noticed that Lozova district has been changing for the better. Certainly, we got more responsibility and work after deciding on creation of the united community, but I am convinced that in some years Lozova citizens will experience another life quality, because from now on namely the community will be in charge of all the assets, including the land, and the funds from local budgets will increase.”

Sergii Chernov stated that last year more than 83 mln hryvnias had been targeted from the regional budget to infrastructure projects of Lozova and Lozova district. Besides, according to his words, 37 objects at the total amount of 640mln hryvnias had been included as top priority into the regional program of social and economic development based on the decision made at the last session of the regional council.

The Chairman of the Regional Council emphasized, “We understand that it is impossible to solve all the topical issues at once, therefore one should make priorities, what is going to be made at the expense of the local budget, what can be done at the expense of the regional budget and to what objects one should raise funds from the state budget and international programs.”

Sergii Chernov stated that regional deputies had made a decision to allocate funds at the amount of 1,190,000 hryvnias for renovating the hall in the School of Art, with the purpose to implement this project till the end of the year.

He also informed that in the nearest future he will focus on solving problematic issues of the district. First of all, it is planned to come forward with initiative to the Premier Minister with respect to allocation of extra subvention from the state budget to the relevant issues, as during the bridge year of creating the united territorial community there were mistakes in budget calculations, and at the present moment there is an unbalanced budget between the city and the district.  

“Secondly, I am informed that a draft law has been registered which refers to provision of Ukrainian Railway Ukrzaliznytsa with benefits of paying leasehold land.

If such law is adopted, the state will lose revenue at the amount of more than 1,200,000,000 hryvnias, and Kharkiv region, in particular, -  85 mln hryvnias. And namely Lozova district will lose most of all, as there is the largest railway junction there.” -  Sergii Chernov told. “In this case the state should provide the community with compensation, as such adjustments have not been made in calculations formed within last three years by the Ministry of Finance. And it will be additional load for the community and the budget sphere. I will urgently apply to the leadership of the state to prevent from making such decision which will not be in favor of both Lozova community and Kharkiv region and many others.”

Finally Sergii Chernov stated that 15 mini projects from Lozova district were among winners of the regional contest “Together into the future”.

He emphasized, “Provision is made for construction of children playgrounds, help to housing cooperatives, purchase of musical instruments, repair of the roof on the medical and obstetrical station and many other projects. We transferred all funds from regional budget to the local ones, and all projects now are in the implementation phase. And I, being a deputy and the Chairman of the Regional Council, must make sure that everything is made in due time and in a quality manner.”

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