To engage the newly elected President of Ukraine in the processes of decentralization and coordination of further reforming with the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the local self-governance forum will be held in June. It is to be attended by the country’s highest officials. That was announced by the President of Ukrainian association of district and regional councils, the Head of Kharkiv regional council Serhii Chernov in radio program “Where is it?” (“De tse?”) – a special project of the regional council and Hromadske radio, devoted to decentralization.

According to Serhii Chernov, the Ukrainian national forum was initiated by the national associations of local self-governance – Ukrainian association of district and regional councils, the Association of Ukrainian cities, All-Ukrainian association of local and settlement councils. The participants will also include the Association of amalgamated communities and the Association of Ukrainian towns, which are reliable partners of the national Associations and jointly implement the roadmap of the power decentralization.

“Under no circumstances it is possible to accept the slowdown of the key national reform or the change of the way chosen five years ago. Decentralization has proven its effectiveness in the everyday life of communities and their development. Moreover, the part of the country, where amalgamated communities have already been established, cannot live within its legal environment while the rest – with no changes”, reported Serhii Chernov, the President of the Ukrainian association of district and regional councils, emphasizing that with no political will of the country’s leaders, it is impossible to provide legal regulations for the reform as well as its implementation.

Each association of local self-governance is interested in the government hierarchy being clearly and logically built so that government bodies could efficiently interact with each other, convinces Serhii Chernov:

“The Ukrainian association of district and regional councils is for the organization of the high quality sub-regional and regional levels. Not only the basic level, i.e. communities, are to be self-sufficient. Districts and regions should also be given opportunities as well as powers. Considering the fact that in Ukraine 18 districts have already been taken over by amalgamated communities, there is even a tougher competition in their competences. Therefore, the second stage of the reform, related to the transformation of the sub-regional level, is already urgent and is directly dependent on the coordinated activities of the President, Government and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine”.

Answering journalist’s question on the expectations of the policy of the newly elected head of the country, Serhii Chernov expressed his hope that it will be the “strategy of uniting the East and the West, youth and the older generations to multiply the efforts to build Ukraine”.

Extraordinary parliamentary elections would be inappropriate, according to the President of the Ukrainian association of district and regional councils, since they could provoke another political crisis:

“To launch the election campaign to the Verkhovna Rada while the institute of the president has not been fully specified, is not reasonable or safe. I am confident that this parliament has not exhausted its potential. The Rada deputies of this convocation may still pass a number of bills related to the local government reform. Furthermore, these deputies can lay the bases of the new quality Ukrainian parliament by voting, for instance, for lifting the parliamentary immunity”.

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