A regional mini-project with the same name will be implemented in Lozova children's art school, which was visited today by the Chairman of the Regional Council, Sergii Chernov. A creative space for presentations and improvisations will be created under a project, which became the winner of the regional council competition “Together into the Future”.

A whole galaxy of gifted artists was brought up in the art school for more than a century of history. Of course, the school building itself needs reconstruction, which has been carried out over the past three years thanks to a combination of budgets of various levels and the efforts of many people.

Thus, during 2016–2018, the study room for drawing was repaired by the school’s own staff, and also current maintenance was carried out in all other classrooms and corridors, the heat supply system was partially replaced, new energy-saving lamps, plastic steel windows and bars on them were installed, window blinds were purchased.

Also, on the initiative of Mayor of Lozova, a stop was set up at the art school and a pedestrian crossing was made for the safer movement of pupils. And the institution itself received 46 modern functional easels, a monitor, a system unit, laser and color printers, a plasma TV, a water heater, a microwave oven, 50 chairs for students.

The Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, addressing young artists, stressed that a large-scale reconstruction of the children's art school building will begin this year. According to him, more than UAH 1 million were provided for heat insulation of the external walls of the school and UAH 1 million 190 thousand were provided for the overhaul of the exhibition hall in the program of socio-economic development at the session of the Regional Council.

“There are 140 pupils in the art school aged 6 to 16 years old. In fact, this is one of the largest art schools in Kharkiv region, and it is necessary to create decent conditions for its students,” said Sergii Chernov. “Therefore, in addition to the funds provided by the regional program, thanks to the participation of the community in the mini-projects competition “Together into the Future”, the institution will be equipped with a modern exhibition and presentation hall.”

UAH 297 thousand 884 is needed to implement the project “Modern School for Young Picasso — space for creative improvisations and presentations” which consist of UAH 150 thousand from the regional budget, UAH 134 thousand from the local budget and UAH 14 thousand from the participant.

“Each and every child needs support and development of creative abilities. Scientists have proved that the study of art contributes to the academic achievement of students. Therefore, our main goal is to cherish and support creativity in any way, as well as preserve and even increase the cultural heritage of future generations,” said Sergii Chernov.

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