Top-priority changes to a Long-term plan of Kharkiv oblast communities’ territories formation was discussed today in the Local Government Development Center during a Round table. Serhii Chernov, the head of Kharkiv Regional Council, deputies of Regional Council, chiefs of Kharkiv oblast Councils participated in the discussion.

Representatives of Balakliiskyi, Blyzniukivskyi, Valkivskyi, Velykoburlutskyi, Iziumskyi, Krasnogradskyi, Kupianskyi, Pervomaiskyi, Sakhnovshchynskyi and Chuhuivskyi raions, where no concerted stance on communities unification is forged so far, expressed their opinions and were looking for consensus together. An algorithm of changes introduction to the Long-term plan was also discussed: from initiative to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The head of Kharkiv Regional Council noted that the topic, timely character and format of the today’s event are conditioned and even determined by today’s circumstances; characterized the achievements of decentralization and cautioned against risks deepening while the reform implementation.

“Five years of decentralization allowed us clearly understand the strengths of the reform. Thus, for this period the gains of local budgets grew by more than three times; in the consolidate budget of the country the portion of local budgets made up more than a half; in the own gains of local budgets the proportion of taxes and levies grew by more than 30 times; government support of local and regional development increased by more than forty times,” he outlined the scope of changes in the country, brought by financial decentralization.

Concerning Krarkiv oblast results, Serhii Chernov emphasized that all community formed in the process of communities unification were self-sufficient, though no joint territorial communities were formed in 15 out of 27 raions. The area of communities covers over six thousand kilometers; here the population along with the administrative center constitutes 1 million 918 thousand (71%).

The head of Regional Council fixed on the main risk for the reform - the transience of time. The communities have a very limited time to adjust the Long-term plan with respect to which local election 2020 will be held:

“We plan to hold a plenary meeting of Regional Council on May 30. That means that in late April all draft resolutions, including those concerning changes to the Long-term plan, should appear on the web-site of Regional Council according to the current legislation.

Having made a five years long way in such important for our country reform, we see and know mistakes that were made at the beginning. They have to be corrected. It is vitally important that this decision to be approved by the communities themselves, because they are adopted for the long run. And each missed day means lost opportunities of the territories development”.

Serhii Chernov emphasizes that till 2020 it should be formed a single legal plane of interrelations between the bodies of local government and the state. Consequently, the opportunities of 2019, in which the communities unification process will be competed, should be used by them to the maximum effect.


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